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Win the giveaway! — value of $480

SurfaceMaxx 40-Degree Pressure Washer Spray Tip



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1600 min psi 4500 max psi

Here is a tip. Don’t get frustrated with dusty and dirty windows or window screens. Clear your view by adding the SurfaceMaxx 40-degree pressure washer spray tip to your pressure washer toolbox. The wide spray pattern provides ample water coverage that blasts away debris, dirt, and dust and eliminates the need for vinegar baths or hand scrubbing. The 40-degree spray tip is compatible with gas and electric pressure washers from 1600-4500 PSI and is a great replacement for OEM spray tips. It is also very easy to use as it simply connects to a standard 1/4-inch quick-connect coupler. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx 40-degree pressure washer spray tip.

Note: when cleaning windows that are not detachable, here are a few tips to keep in mind to prevent damage or breakage. Stand at least 3-feet to 5-feet away from the windows, spray at a 40 to 60-degree angle and set your pressure washer to the lowest setting.

  • 40-degree spray tip is an ideal replacement for OEM spray tips
  • Provides wide spray pattern for cleaning of painted or delicate surfaces
  • Use on automobiles, wood, painted brick and stucco, vinyl and painted siding
  • Works with gas and electric pressure washers from 1600-4500 PSI
  • Connects easily to standard 1/4-in quick-connect coupler
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