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Maximize Your Pressure

One of the most important adjustments for better pressure washing performance is your nozzle number. As the nozzle number decreases, the orifice gets smaller and the PSI increases. On the other hand, as the nozzle number increases, the orifice gets larger and the PSI decreases. Choosing a nozzle with an excessively large orifice will reduce cleaning performance, while selecting one that is too small can create excessive PSI, or even damage your pressure washer.

Calculate The Nozzle You Need

Input your pressure washer's GPM and rated PSI to determine the Nozzle Number that maximizes cleaning power.

Also try entering a desired reduced PSI and receive the closest Nozzle Number to your desired PSI. A larger Nozzle Number increases the orifice and reduces the PSI.

NOZZLE Number #

Tip: If calculating for a surface cleaner or water broom, divide the Nozzle Number by the number of nozzles. Each nozzle should be this size.

Calculate Effective PSI from
Your Nozzle Size

If you're struggling with poor cleaning performance, the problem could be your nozzle orifice is too large.

Input your pressure washer's GPM and Nozzle Number to determine the Effective PSI.

Effective PSI

Tip: If calculating for a surface cleaner or water broom, multiply one nozzle number by the number of nozzles and use this as your input for Nozzle Number.

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