SurfaceMaxx 15-Degree Pressure Washer Spray Tip


1600 min psi 4500 max psi

Here is a tip. Don’t get frustrated with unsightly stains on your brick or concrete surfaces. Instead, add the SurfaceMaxx 15-degree pressure washer spray tip to your pressure washer toolbox. The spray pattern provides a concentrated flow of water that blasts away dirt and mildew buildup in hard-to-reach places and eliminates the need for manual cleaning brushes. The 15-degree spray tip is compatible with gas and electric pressure washers from 1600-4500 PSI and is a great replacement for OEM spray tips. It is also very easy to use as it simply connects to a standard 1/4-inch quick-connect coupler. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx 15-degree pressure washer spray tip. Note: when using a pressure washer spray tip, it is best to start cleaning at a distance and then, if necessary, begin to move closer to the surface.  Moving too close can damage soft surfaces like vinyl siding, window screens and wood.

  • Professional Grade
  • Works with pressure washers from 1600-4500 PSI
  • Replaces OEM spray tips
  • 15-degree spray pattern
  • Connects easily to standard 1/4-in quick-connect coupler

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