SurfaceMaxx M22 Male x 38-in Male


4500 max psi

Do you a reliable pressure washer spray gun that does not work with current hoses and quick connect fittings? Adapt to the new situation with the 3/8-inch male pipe thread and male M-22. This adapter easily converts 3/8-inch female pipe threads to male M-22 threads and is typically used to switch a 3/8-inch spray gun connection to a M-22 connection. The adapter includes factory-applied sealant for a leak proof seal and is also compatible with gas and electric pressure washers rated at 4500 PSI or lower. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx 3/8-inch male pipe thread and male M-22.

  • Converts 3/8-in female pipe thread to male M22 connection
  • Typically used to convert 3/8-in spray gun connection to M22 connection

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