SurfaceMaxx M22 Female x 3/8-in Male


4500 max psi

Pressure washing makes cleaning projects quick and easy. Do you want to finish your lengthy to-do list even faster? Accelerate your cleaning setup by turning your threaded connections into quick connects with the 3/8-inch female pipe thread and female M-22. This adapter easily converts female 3/8-inch pipe thread to female M-22 and is commonly used to convert 3/8-inch male thread extension wands to a M22 female connection. Threading by hand is a thing of the past! Simply snap the adapter into place and you are ready to tackle any cleaning project. It is also compatible with gas and electric pressure washers rated at 4500 PSI or lower. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx 3/8-inch female pipe thread and female M-22.

  • Connects male 3/8-in pipe thread to male M22 thread
  • Commonly used to convert extension wands with 3/8-in male thread to M22 female connection
  • For use on pumps, spray guns, extension wands and other accessories

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