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How to Setup a Pressure Washer with a Quick Connect Kit

February 28, 2023

Spring is quickly approaching and it’s time to fight back against winter grime.  Pressure washing is a great way to tackle household cleaning projects quickly and easily. Do you want to finish your lengthy to-do list even faster? Accelerate your cleaning setup by turning your threaded connections into quick connects with the SurfaceMaxx Pressure Washer Quick Connect Kit.  The starter kit easily converts all connections to a quick-connect system for rapid set up and disassembly. No more loose connections, over-tightening or hand fatigue.  Threading by hand is a thing of the past!  Simply snap the desired fitting into place and you are ready to tackle any cleaning project.

The SurfaceMaxx Pressure Washer Quick Connect Kit is universal as it can be used with any gas or electric pressure washer up to 4500 PSI.  The kit includes solid brass fittings to convert all pressure washer connections to quick connects:

  • Garden hose to pressure washer inlet
  • Pressure washer outlet to pressure washer hose
  • Pressure washer hose to spray gun
  • Bonus Piece – A garden hose fitting is also included to attach a regular spray nozzle

Steps to Quick Start Your Clean

  1. Connect M22 Female x 3/8-in plug to pressure washer inlet.
  2. Thread the garden hose coupler onto one end of the garden hose.
  3. Snap garden hose coupler onto 3/8-in plug.
  4. Make sure the garden hose is connected to your home’s outdoor spigot.
  5. Connect M22 female x 3/8-inch coupler to pressure washer pump outlet.
  6. Connect M22 male x 3/8-inch plug to one of end of the pressure washer hose. 
  7. Attach pressure washer hose plug into the female end of coupler that is connected to pressure washer pump outlet.
  8. Connect M22 male x 3/8-inch coupler to the other end of the hose. 
  9. Connect M22 Female x 3/8-inch plug to pressure washer spray gun.
  10. Snap coupler that is on the pressure washer hose to the spray gun.
  11. Turn on water supply at the outdoor spigot.
  12. Start the pressure washer.  Check for leaks.*

That’s it!  You are now ready to get pro performance and a powerful clean.

*NOTE: Always refer to your pressure washer owner manual for operating, safety and troubleshooting instructions.

So, the next time you need to clean your house, driveway, car, or patio, visit your local Lowe’s store and purchase the SurfaceMaxx Quick Connect Kit.