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Win the bundle! — value of $253

How to Clean Clogged Surface Cleaner Nozzles

May 4, 2023

Is your driveway or concrete patio not as clean as you expected?  It is possible that your surface cleaner nozzles are clogged or dirty.  This can result in excessive pump pressure causing a pulsing sensation and/or excessive vibration.  Clogged nozzles can also lead to unsatisfying results.  Luckily, nozzles are easy to clean on all SurfaceMaxx Surface Cleaner models.  The only tools you need to get a powerful clean: socket or wrench, nozzle cleaning tool (provided with every SurfaceMaxx Surface Cleaner) and water from your water supply.   

Steps to Get Back to Cleaning

  1. Turn off the pressure washer and turn off the water supply (from outdoor spigot).  Release the residual pressure by squeezing the spray gun’s trigger.
  2. Disconnect the pressure washer wand from the surface cleaner.
  3. Using a socket or wrench, remove both nozzles from the spray bar.
  4. Using the nozzle cleaning tool, free any foreign material clogging or restricting the nozzle openings.
  5. Using water, flush debris out of the nozzle.  Direct the flow of water through the nozzle backwards (from the outside to the inside).
  6. Attach the spray wand back to the surface cleaner and set the surface cleaner on a flat surface.  Turn on the water supply (DO NOT START THE PRESSURE WASHER) and squeeze the trigger on the spray gun.  Allow water to run through the spray bar for approximately 30 seconds.
  7. Reinstall the nozzles on the spray bar.  Tighten securely with a socket or wrench.  Make sure the nozzle opening is parallel to the spray bar.
  8. If your spray pattern begins to change, the nozzles may be worn and need to be replaced.

*NOTE: Always refer to your SurfaceMaxx Surface Cleaner owner manual for operating, safety and troubleshooting instructions.

CAUTION: If the nozzles are not cleaned or correctly aligned, the spray bar will not rotate properly.  Additionally, it will not clean as intended and may experience severe vibration.  If the unit begins to vibrate, stop using the surface cleaner immediately.  Continued use may damage the surface cleaner’s shroud. 

That’s it!  You are now ready to get pro performance and a powerful clean.

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