SurfaceMaxx Pro Turbo Nozzle – 4500 PSI


2800 min psi 4500 max psi

Cleaning projects tend to be a chore and not a lot of fun. Luckily, there is a solution that not only gets the job done but gets it done more quickly. The pressure washer pro turbo nozzle features a tornado-like spin pattern that cleans faster than standard pressure washer tips. Dingy driveways, sidewalks, and stamped concrete patios are no match for the powerful rotating jet that cleans with the force of a 0-degree spray tip. The pro turbo nozzle is compatible with gas pressure washers from 2800 to 4500 PSI. It also easily connects to a standard 1/4-inch quick-connect coupler. Get pro performance, powerful clean with the SurfaceMaxx pressure washer pro turbo nozzle.

  • Professional Grade
  • Works with gas pressure washers from 2800-4500 PSI
  • Rotating 0-degree spray tip generates powerful 25-degree circular spray pattern
  • Cleans faster than a standard pressure washer tip saving time and water
  • Ideal for concrete, block, brick, pavers and most durable outdoor surfaces
  • Includes high-pressure filter to prevent clogs and help protect internal components
  • Connects easily to standard 1/4-in quick-connect coupler

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