SurfaceMaxx 12-inch Surface Cleaner



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2300 max psi

The SurfaceMaxx 12-inch Surface Cleaner is optimized for electric pressure washers and includes multiple attributes and benefits that make it easy to use. It features dual rotating nozzles allowing you to clean surfaces quickly and thoroughly. The 12-inch surface cleaner is constructed of durable resin that will stand up to the elements. Additionally, the stainless-steel manifold and aluminum alloy spray bar provide long-lasting and reliable operation. The 12-inch surface cleaner delivers professional results, but it is very easy to connect and operate. The 1/4-inch quick connect plug allows you to start large cleaning projects immediately without lengthy setup. The 12-inch Surface Cleaner is also compatible with electric pressure washers up to 2300 PSI.

  • Optimized for electric pressure washers
  • Durable resin construction
  • 12-inch diameter features dual rotating nozzles for a quick and thorough clean
  • Stainless steel manifold and aluminum alloy spray bar for long-lasting and reliable operation
  • Compatible with electric pressure washers up to 2300 PSI

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